Landscaping adds warmth, color and texture to your home. There are many great ways to make your home beautiful, from planing flowering shade trees, to planting annual and perennial flowers, to critter proofing your garden. Your landscaping can add height with hanging baskets of flowers and adding some planters which will created a relaxing outdoor space for your family and guest to enjoy. We would like to suggest a few landscaping ideas to stir your imagination into creating a stunning outdoor space that you and your family and friends will enjoy…

Adorn Your Entrance

Make your home stand out with a welcoming entrance. Add annual and perennials so the entrance will have color all year long. To get an entrance that really looks good all year round a little planning is needed. The key steps are to take control of the garden, put in structures and then fill it up with flowering plants. There will always be a high and a low season in the garden but it should never look completely devoid of color. If you only have a small front yard, a little trick would be to install a low fence out in front of the yard. This area between the fence and the home make a great space for planting your garden and gives the appearance of a larger space.

Plant Climbing Vines

Climbing vines add interest to just about any landscape. They’re available in a variety of forms, textures and colors. Many of them will even delight you with beautiful flowers or fruit. Vines can be incorporated into nearly any garden style using supports such as fences, trellises, arbors, etc. They can even be grown in containers wherever space is limited, adding height and dimension to these areas. One suggestion is Clematis. Clematis is one of the showiest vines. It has several choices of color. Local garden centers will have several to choose from in the spring of the year.

Plant Lilies

A suggestion for a perennial that offers a little height and lots of color. Lillie are rough and tumble, resilient, and low maintenance plants. Lilies are easy to plant and easy to take care of. No need for fertilizer and they welcome hot, humid summers. Everyone loves lilies. With large, showy blooms, lilies add striking elegance to the yard and garden from early to midsummer. Grown from bulbs, lilies are perennial flowers that will return year after year. They come in a rainbow of colors so you can choose whatever you like best.

Deer Resistant Plants

Do you have problems with deer eating your garden plants? Not surprisingly, deer tend to stay away from poisonous plants like daffodils, foxgloves, and poppies. Deer also turn their noses up at fragrant plants with strong scents. Herbs such as sages, ornamental saliva and lavender, as well as flowers like peonies and irises, are just “stinky” to deer.

Plant Blooming Shrubs

Flowering shrubs provide color and structure and can be used as ground cover, hedge plants, or eye-catching focal points. You can fill your garden with ornamental shrubs that bloom from early spring through late fall and even into winter. Many flowering shrubs also perfume the air with their own signature fragrance. A suggestion would be the lilac bush that can greet your guests to an intoxicating, unmistakable fragrance. Early, mid, and late-season cultivars extend the bloom time for at least 6 weeks. Newer blooming varieties bloom once in spring and again in summer through fall.

Hide the Shed

Your outdoor structures are not the most attractive accents to your landscape. So, make these structures the setting for a beautiful display of plants and flowers. Add selves on the exterior of a structure and set lightweight fiberglass planters filled with flowers on the selves to hide the structure and add natural ambiance to the landscape. Potted ferns are a great addition to sit at the base of the structure. Make the area a beautiful green-space.

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