Looking for great Curb appeal? Nothing beautifies your home more than attractive Landscaping. About 75% of American homeowners spend time or money — or both — tending to their lawns and gardens. All of us want to experience beautiful, it is a sense of homecoming. Beauty and Landscape are synonymous. The process can be challenging ,weeds pulled, flowers planted and pathways installed but when it all comes together there is a great feeling of fulfillment. But there are always questions. Where do I start? What will the final product look like? What is the most economical option?Do I need a professional? Check out the following tips to make your home the prettiest in the neighborhood…

Think Long Term

Since your family and entertaining needs can change dramatically over time, landscaping projects are most effective when you think of them as a long-term investment which will need periodic care and updating. Break the projects down to manageable tasks. If you plan on living in your home long term you do not have to entirely redo the entire landscaping immediately. Do not get overwhelmed. Choose a couple of projects over this summer and do some planning for a couple of projects next summer. Having an overall plan is the key to your final picture. Landscaping is a lot like artwork so have a picture in mind for you final landscaping design.

Design Your Landscaping With Your Family in Mind

Need room to relax, entertain and cook, or simply unwind in the privacy of your backyard? Do you need some storage built? Do you have children and what are their ages? It’s important to let children enjoy the outdoor space as much as you do. Do you want a Garden? Just remember this is the place you live so the landscaping should be functional for you and your family.

Be Sure And Check Out The Sun Pattern

No matter how green your thumb is, the fate of your garden still hinges on a higher power. That’s why, before getting into the weeds with a new flower bed or vegetable patch, it’s wise to consult one of Earth’s top arbiters of horticultural luck: the sun. You will have sunny areas on your property and shady area during the majority of the day. You have to plant the sun-loving plant in sunny areas. You do not want to put the plants that love shade in the sun. Take a walk around your property an jot down the areas that are sunny and what areas are shady and plant accordingly.

Add Stone To Your Landscaping

Add Walkways to connect trees, flowerbeds, and other features. Terraced stone steps in a mix-and-match pattern creates a strong focal point, and add character by planting tall grasses or plants for visual interest on both sides of the path. Gravel’s earthy texture, gives underfoot, it is the oldest of hardscapes and will always be perceived as the softest of paving materials. Make pathways an important feature in your final design.

Plant Both Annuals and Perennials

What makes annual plants “annual” and perennial plants “perennial?” Well, the answer lies in their respective life cycles. “Life cycle” means the amount of time it takes a plant to grow from seed and end up, finally, bearing seed of its own.Botanically speaking, annual plants complete their life cycle within one growing season, typically from spring to fall and are very colorful. Perennials are grown from seed usually do not produce flowers in their first year and have a longer life cycle. Perennials make up for being slower to reproduce by flowering for many years. It is a good idea to have both in your landscape design. You should also choose fall and winter plants for your landscaping. There are many plants that bloom in the fall season and late winter. Usually your annuls and perennials will be gone on the 1st freeze.

Add Height And Depth To Your Landscaping

Add contours to the landscape for effect. An easy way to begin the process of adding height and depth to a space is to utilize raised flower beds. Create a Berm, Berms are mounded hills of dirt constructed for blocking out unwanted or unsightly views, creating a subtle sense of privacy, directing or redirecting drainage and foot traffic, emphasizing a particular focal point or adding raised elements to the garden. Consider planting a tree or shrub on top of a Berm.

Add a Water Feature To Your Landscaping

For many, the soft sounds of gently-flowing water immediately trigger feelings of peace and serenity. If your landscape is your own personal sanctuary, your spot to get away from it all, adding a water feature to your outdoor living space may offer the ideal finishing touch. You do not need a giant waterfall but some interesting features and contrast are a great addition to your landscaping.

Landscape Lighting

Nighttime is a totally different experience. A little lighting goes a long way in enhancing the safety and beauty of your landscape at night.

  • Dramatic Lighting for Your Home
  • Bright Lights Shining from Brick Edging
  • Solar Glowing Lanterns by the Path
  • Unique Magical Log Landscape Lights
  • Large Light Up Planters with Flowers
  • Christmas Lights Along the Top of the Fence

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