A little outdoor lighting goes a long way and makes a big impression. A landscape lighting professional can design and install a lighting system that is functional and beautiful at the same time. Landscape lighting located near a building with electricity can easily be integrated into your home’s wiring system and solar landscape lighting is an option for areas not close to electric wiring.

3 Types of Lighting Based On Function

  1. Overall Lighting – Overall lighting provides illumination for a whole room or space.
  2. Task Lighting – A specific purpose such as to light a path or driveway.
  3. Accent Lighting – A way to draw attention to an object or area.

Best Places For Outdoor Lighting

  1. Paths – A lit path is welcoming and needed
  2. Entries – Lights on each side of your main doors is a good idea
  3. Driveway – Low-voltage driveway lighting makes it easy to get in and out at night
  4. Steps –  Steps need to be lighted for safety reasons
  5. Decks and Patio – Maybe you need outdoor lights for a cooking area or railings or seating areas.
  6. Gazebos, Pergolas, or Trellises – Lighting is a good way to highlight an interesting element of your outdoor landscaping
  7. Architectural Features – Accent the best of your architectural features with a wide beam of light to wash over the wall and have it glow.

Professional Positioning of Your Outdoor Lighting Means Everything

The position and shielding of your outdoor lighting is very important and landscaping professionals can help with both. Landscaping professionals can also make sure your light sources aren’t too big or bright in the wrong areas to keep everyone safe from glare.

See the Results of this Outdoor Lighting Installation

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