Commercial landscape service means maximum visual impact and minimal maintenance for your business. We have found over the years that many Commercial Landscaping Companies provide a cookie-cutter plan for your maintenance. There is a better more CUSTOM way of doing business. For us to do a quality job, we will ask you questions like… Do you have a high volume of traffic? Are you hoping to upgrade the ambiance of your property? Are you trying to attract new customers? Do you want to provide a welcoming and encouraging environment for your staff to boost productivity? Is comfort, convenience, and safety a primary concern for your business? Then once we know your answers we assess the state of your property to give you a plan for improvement. Our team will suggest the plants and trees, plant health, watering schedules, soil quality and overall maintenance. Our team will present the plan that meets your budget and gives you the greatest impact for all seasons and gives you the best efficiency for maintenance and water usage. The following is our process to bring high quality, custom commercial landscapes to our customers…

Did They Provide Property Review?

Our goal is to understand how and for what purposes you use your outdoor spaces…

  • What kind of traffic both pedestrian and vehicular do you receive.
  • If you are an HOA or retail complex, does your landscape play a role in promoting residential or commercial sales?
  • If you are a school, a university, or a corporate campus, do the occupants use the outdoor space for lunchtime and taking walks, studyingm or working? Knowing these answers will help us determine the accessibility, shade, safety aspects, and other related things to your commercial landscape.

Did they Provide a Landscape Assessment?

What is the state of your existing landscape?

  • Do you have existing trees, plants or shrubs?
  • With the current landscaping, what is the health of the soil? What is the current watering schedule? What are your current maintenance requirements?
  • Do you have any irrigation in place?

Do You Have a True Custom Landscape Plan?

A customized commercial landscape maintenance plan will be presented to you and will include…

  • The short and long term needs of your trees and plants
  • Requirements and goals of your landscaping
  • Your budget

With a specialized commercial landscaping plan for your properties, you can rest assured that each site is receiving the necessary services to keep it looking pristine. Whether you want us to carry out basic landscape maintenance, bring new life to your green spaces by installing new trees and plants, or add new features to enhance your landscape, we plan and implement services that address your goals and stay within your budget!

Davis Landscape can help you achieve the landscaping you dream about! We help our clients with landscaping designs that fit their lifestyles and budgets!

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