In wooded areas, trees do their own thing— they grow freely; their limbs stretch out, their branches grow tall, and weak limbs fall down to the ground. Trees do not have the same limitless life in our yards and along our streets. Why? Safety! While we want our trees to look natural and grow strong, we have to make sure they do not become a hazard. This is why it is important to prune our tree limbs. You’ve probably heard about pruning but do you know what exactly it entails? Why you should do it? Or even how to do it? Here’s the low down…

What is Tree Pruning?

To prune your trees, you will remove branches that are unwanted to improve the overall structure of the tree. This allows the tree to grow new, healthier branches.

How Can Tree Pruning Benefit Your Tree?

Pruning your trees will help ensure that they continue to grow healthy and look good. This also decrease the chances that the tree will become a danger to you or your property. Benefits to pruning include…

  • Ridding the tree of damaged, broken, and dead branches.
  • Avoid potential all damage that would occur if the branches were to fall.
  • Allow the tree to produce grow healthier and stronger.
  • Determine how the tree will grow to keep branches from growing over your home or into electric lines.
  • Make your tree look better and healthier.
  • Create the foundation your tree needs to live longer.

Methods of Pruning

Depending on what you are setting out to accomplish will determine which method of tree trimming is best. Common types of pruning include…

  • Thinning. In this process, you will remove the tree limbs back to their branch of origin. This will allow more sunlight to pass through the tree’s canopy.
  • Cleaning. To clean up your tree, remove any dead, damaged, or unhealthy limbs. This will improve the overall look of your tree.
  • Reduction. Reduce the height and/or width of your tree by shortening branches. This is useful if you are trying to prevent trees from getting to power lines or from becoming too big.
  • Structural/Subordination. Cutting your trees branches to improve the plant’s structure and help it growth healthy.

Pruning your tree is by far one of the best things you can do for your trees to ensure healthy growth.

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