The winter weather can wear down your plants. Leaves left on the lawn can hurt your grass and the normal coldness and constant wind can make your plants very thirsty. Snow can also break the branches of your shrubs if they aren’t kept in shape. The following tips will help your plants stay their healthiest through the cooler parts of the year…

You Need More Mulch

Mulch can suppress weeds and maintain much needed moisture for you plants.

Prune Your Shrubs and Trees While They are Dormant

Pruning your trees and shrubs in the winter is a great why in ensure they will survive the weight of potential snows and be primed to grow their best when the spring hits. With the leaves gone, you will be able to see branches that are dead or growing the wrong way and need clipping. It’s not good to prune ALL shrubs and plants during the winter to consult a professional. Plants that bloom in the summer are the best candidates for winter pruning.

Protect Your Plants from Salt and Other Chemicals

Turf and plants are burnt by salt and ice melting products. When you see excess granules on or around your plants, make sure to remove it with a broom, hose, or blower.

Coat Some Plants With Oil

Some plants/flowers, like azaleas and roses, are eaten by mites, aphids, or lace bugs. You can use a coating of petroeum-based horticulture oil on them to smother the bugs and kill their eggs so they won’t hatch in the spring.

Keep Snow Piles Away From Your Bushes

Bushes and shrubs can be broken by heavy piles of snow. Try to keep snow piles from thawing and then freezing in your the path of your bushes and shrurbs. Snow piles on the street will drain into the storm drains.

Don’t Cut Back Your Perennials

Leave the hostas, daylilies and heuchera alone even though they look bad now. They will recover in the spring!

Get The Leaves Off Your Lawn

Mulching mowers will break leaves down into nutritious bits that can be very beneficial to your turf or you can rake them if you like. Leaves left on the lawn during the winter will smother your turf and invite pests and disease.

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