The best watering practices for plants, shrubs, and trees can be a judgement call. Giving your plants the best watering possible depends on the type of plant, the soil, the weather, the time of year and other factors. The best way to decide if it’s time for water is to check the soil!

Checking Potted Plants / Hanging Baskets

For potted plants you can get a feel for how heavy they should be when the soil is thoroughly moist. If it’s light, then water slowly until water comes out the bottom. You want to water slowly so the water get to all the area of the soil, especially the root ball. You can also use a soil moister sensor!

Checking Larger Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

Push a spade into the soil near the plant and pull it back to see the soil. You want the soil to be moist to a depth of at least 6-12 inches.

Watering Tips

  • Focus On the Root Zone – Watering leaves is a waste and could cause disease
  • Water Only When Needed – Automatic Timers are very useful. The best thing to do is watch the weather and add when it’s dry and decrease or stop when it’s wet. Too much water will cause damage also.
  • Water Deeply and Thoroughly – Annuals and lawns have most of their roots in the top 6 Inches of soil. Perennials, shrubs, and trees can go as deep as 12 inches. It could take hours for water to penetrate 6-12 inches. Use your spade to to check.
  • Water in the Morning – This will give leaves time to dry out in the days Sun. When leaves and such are dry during the cooler times, it’s harder for disease to spread.
  • Mulch Everything – Mulch reduces water run off, erosion, and keeps water from evaporating quickly.
  • Use a Soaker Hose or Irrigation System – The right tool will go a long way to watering your plants deeply and thoroughly.

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