The most common reasons to have a retaining wall are to prevent erosion, keep soil back, separate areas of your lawn, or to create an elevated flower bed. They may look simple to build but can get complicated depending on what type and where the retaining wall is being built. The basic types of retaining walls are gravity, cantilevered, sheet piling, and anchored. The most common reason for building a retaining wall is to battle gravity.

Here are some basic retaining wall do’s and don’ts:

DO – Get creative with the design. There are many types of bricks to choose from, so make sure it compliments your home.

DON’T – Ignore the importance of structure. Building a small retaining wall, less than four feet, is less complicated. Larger walls may need to be designed by an engineer. They will likely need more reinforcement to prevent future issues of leaning or sagging.

DON’T – Leave out the base of the wall. Neglecting your substrate may cause some issues in the overall structure. A retaining wall begins with a solid base that starts with a level ground with sufficient fill. A well-built retaining wall can transform an unusable incline into a functional outdoor space.

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