Seating walls continue to grow in popularity as they create easy access resting areas in your outdoor living space. Homeowners often use paver patios to build their seating walls which are also useful in separating activity areas. If you need a versatile wall that can be used to retain dirt, define an area, or surround a fire pit, you should consider adding a seating wall. Seating walls are very versatile and durable and can handle all that the weather can throw at them. There are many reasons that homeowners choose to add seating walls. These Include:

Seating Walls Are Aesthetically Pleasing and Purposeful

Custom walls define outdoor rooms while offering a place to sit using materials that compliment your patio style. You can use these to add new colors and textures to your space. Aside from their good looks, they offer seating when guests need a place to rest. Seating walls can also protect your landscape and create defined areas and separate walking spaces from areas with heavy foot traffic.

Seating Walls Reduce the Need for Furniture

If you like to entertain, your existing patio furniture might not be enough to accommodate your friends and family. Instead of trying to squeeze in more chairs and crowd your space, consider investing in a seating wall. Extreme weather conditions may damage patio furniture but stone walls are durable and will outlast any furniture you could have chosen. Having a comfortable wall to sit on your patio and pathways continue to be useful even when snow covers the ground during the snowy winter months.

Seating Walls Can Bring the Space Together or Set Boundaries

No matter the size or shape of your seating wall, they can both bring it together or separate it. Walls can direct the movement of people and the way they look at your space. They can control sloped areas in your yard and define transition spaces.

Seating Walls Enhance Fire Features

By adding small walls around your patio, you can make your space safer as they keep people and furnishings from falling off. This can be exceptionally important if your space offers more than one level. Low level walls can serve as the framework for planters and flower beds. Plants and flowers look nice with stone, pavers, and other landscaping blocks. Using wall caps, you can create the perfect spot for seasonal decor and even add additional seating for family and friends. Seating walls are a popular choice around fire features. Fire pits are highly desirable for homeowners nationwide. Seating walls surrounding them can be used to reflect heat while forming a cozy spot especially during the cooler months. Seating walls add more spots for guests to sit in the amount of chairs that would fit in that same area. Add pillows or cushions to make your seating walls more comfortable and inviting. You might choose to add lighting at the base of low walls and to outline walkways as these make it easier to navigate in your backyard after night falls.

Ideas For Designing a Seating Wall For Your Yard

Just as described in the name, seating walls were intended for sitting. Generally, they are between 18 and 24 inches in height topped with a smooth cap that is approximately one foot wide. We recommend that your seating wall is at least 4 feet long but they can be designed to accommodate any space, large or small. You can also choose whichever shape that you prefer, most homeowners choose to go with the flow of their paver patio– if it is straight, so is their sitting wall; if it is curved, the seating wall follows in suit. Creating a space for guests to converse while defining areas, implement two or three small walls that match. Your space will determine which design is the best.

  • Using Texture to get Creative – use pavers and blocks that are different from those you are using for the patio floor and walkways will create a unique look. Whether you want this to stand out or blend in is up to you– use size and texture to create contrast. Smooth or tumbled blocks, natural or concrete stones, pavers or bricks, etc. are different options on the market that you can implement to meet your design goals.
  • Follow the Natural Flow of Your Yard – following the subtle curves that exist naturally in your yard to define areas, support soil, and separate spaces. Low walls around your patio offer additional seating while directing attention to other areas of the yard. Curves are aesthetically pleasing and soften hard surfaces.
  • Keeping Things Symmetrical – You can choose any shapes or angles when designing your space. Columns near the end of the wall can be used to create a point of interest. Height variations make your walls more versatile.

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