Mulch can really make your yard look much better and your plans and lawn will love it! The following are a couple mistakes that we see companies and homeowners making…

Adding Too Much Mulch

It’s best to only add one to two inches of mulch in the spring. This will help your beds retain moisture, keep weeds away, and keep your entire landscape design looking great. If you do add too much mulch your soil will be very soggy which will bring on the possibility to have more plant diseases. Too much mulch can also suffocate the roots of your plants.

Not Adding Enough Mulch

If you don’t add enough mulch you won’t keep weeds from pushing their way through the mulch and it won’t keep your soil moist enough to help you conserve water. Mulch will disintegrate over time by design and trying to skip a season of mulch isn’t a good idea. You mulch needs to be replaced every spring and possible have more added each fall.

Avoid Mulch Volcanoes Under Trees

People love mulch and sometime it can get out of hand! Tree roots need to breathe and you don’t want to keep too much moisture in the mulch which could result in mildew and root rot. It is best to keep mulch 2-3 inches away from the trucks of trees.

Using the Wrong Type of Mulch

Not all mulches are created equal and you want to make sure the mulch you use doesn’t have pesticide, weed seeds, or insects in it. We suggest you use a double shredded hardwood bark mulch in most cases. Dark mulches will hold their color longer.

Not Using Mulch at All

It could be tempting to skip mulching but then you would miss out on all the benefits of mulch. Not only does it look great, it keep your soil, lawn, plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs healthy. One of the biggest things that mulch can do is preventing erosion or sediment runoff.

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