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Other than some really cold spells in the wintertime, it’s always nice to get out and enjoy your yard. Spending time in your backyard having cookouts with friends and family while the children run around giggling is what it’s all about! Below are some tips and tricks to keep your yard looking great!…

Plants Need Water But There Is a Way To Do It

Generally people tend to think the summer heat means our grass requires more water, however this is not always the case. How you water your grass is more important than how often it gets done. Despite the common belief that grass and plants are not able to handle the heat, they are actually pretty resilient. Even when your entire yard turns a dreadful brown, it can easily return back to its normal state as long as it has been properly cared for. Here are a few tricks on watering your lawn the right way

  • Avoid overwatering your plants by doing it less frequently but getting deep into the roots.
  • Pick the right time of day- it is best to water your lawn and landscape early in the morning or around sunset. Watering during the heat of the day can cause the moisture to be soaked up.
  • Ideally, try to give your grass one inch of water in a weeks time.
  • Use/install a drip irrigation system. In comparison to sprinklers, drip irrigation systems allow the ground to slowly soak up water which in turn helps the plant absorb more nutrients. Having a drip irrigation system installed can be beneficial especially if you plan to be gone for more than a day during the summer. You can even set these up to a timer to avoid overwatering and to make sure the job gets done even when you are away. No more relying on the neighbors to take care of your landscape investment.

Is Your Lawn Healthy?

One way to maintain the health of your lawn is by getting it aerated and having the pH balance checked. This will improve the flow of oxygen helping your grass stay healthy throughout the summer. Another tip is using fertilizer to ensure your grass is getting all the nutrients it needs. If your lawn is filled with weeds they will steal these nutrients and diminish the health of your grass, so be sure to pull them as you see them come up.

The Proper Way to Mow

When it comes to a healthy lawn, you don’t want to take the easy way out. It may seem more convenient to set your mower on the lowest setting so that you don’t have to mow as often but this is not the right way to do it. Instead use a higher setting- you’ll be surprised by the difference this can make in the health and appearance of your lawn.


Be sure not to forget about the plants in your outdoor living spaces. Plants are often used to spruce up patios and decks. These can be costly. Protect your investment by watering them routinely, remember to go deep. You can add mulch your flower pots to help your plants retain moisture. In the heat of the day, to move your plants to the shade to increase longevity and maintain their health and beauty.

Shop Local – Choose Native Plants

When choosing plants for your outdoor space, pick ones that are native to your region. These plants are used to the climate in your area and are more likely to thrive putting you one step ahead in the game. Another thing to consider is the conditions of your own space… is your lawn exposed to sun most of the day or do you have ample shade? Picking plants to suit your own needs is the best way to ensure the health of your landscape.

Outdoor Health and Beauty

Health and beauty go hand-in-hand. To keep your outdoor space looking beautiful and inviting, it is imperative that you first focus on the health of your lawn and landscape. Be willing to invest your time and resources on the outside of your home.

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