Walkways and paths are very important part of your landscape design because they guide foot traffic from one place to another. Maybe from your driveway to the door or from your side yard to back yards, etc. With the proper design they can blend in or be a show case item in your landscaping.  Paths from front to back or from drive to house will be traveled enough to prevent grass from growing so paths and walkways also prevent you and your guests from having to walk through mud to get from point A to point B.  

Make Paths Fun and Beautiful 

Paths and walkways should be inviting so it’s a good idea to add fragrant plants (roses, lavender, etc.) near your paths. A path can meander a bit to make the walk more of a scenic stroll by plants, shrubs, and small trees. Use these images of walkways to gather some inspiration…

A Path’s Width Depends on It’s Use

Are you building a primary or a secondary path or walkway? Primary paths are usually 48 inches wide so 2 people can pass each other walking in different directions. A secondary path should be about 30-36 inches wide which is wide enough for one person to walk through comfortably. If a wall is nearby, make sure you keep the path at least an arms length away.

Pick Materials The Match Your Surroundings

Make sure to use materials that match your home’s architecture and other landscaping. Know that the material you pick for the walkway will have a large impact on the way it looks and performs. Some formal options could be brick or stone. A less formal look may incorporate bluestone, flagstone, brownstone, or limestone in a bed of grass or gravel.

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