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Know Your Landscaping Style

  • Get 20 pics of things from the internet that you like.

Reusing and Recycling Materials

  • To trim materials costs, let your landscaper know what you already have that they may want to reuse.

Sometimes You Have To Remove Features To Build What You Want

  • Yes… you may have a beautiful tree in your back yard but is it preventing you from having a healthy lawn or that entertainment area that you’ve always wanted?

You Have to Have a Plan and the Landscaping Knowledge and Experience to Carry It Out

  • You can grab ideas from the internet, you can think about what you want to reuse, and you may know what you want to get rid of… but until you call a Professional Landscaper you won’t really know if it’s all possible and you won’t really be 100% sure your plan can be accomplished.
  • Your input is vital for a Professional Landscaper to create a plan that you will love for years to come. They will take your ideas and build on them. They can also let you know what is and what isn’t possible or the ramifications for plans based on their knowledge and experience.

Davis Landscape can help you achieve the landscaping you dream about! We help our clients with landscaping designs that fit their lifestyles and budgets!

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Davis Landscape Design & Installation has been providing landscaping services to customers in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati since 1965! We know that the landscape design process can be overwhelming, so we work with you tirelessly to better understand your vision. At Davis Landscape Design & Installation, we’re on your team and we know how to listen and deliver.
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