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This is the perfect time of year to talk with a landscaping company about designing and building a new landscape for your yard. You will want to work with a company can design and install your new landscape. What features would your family enjoy? We have a few suggestions.

Benefits of Adding Or Expanding A Patio

A patio with the right laying and construction processes can be considered as a semi-indoor and a semi-outdoor space of your home. Having a patio increases the value of your property. If family gatherings seem cramped, then it’s time to consider adding or expanding the patio. You might even think of combining a deck and patio to give yourself a multi-level space. You can have BBQ parties that will stay memorable for everyone. Patios are ideal places for arranging parties with family members and friends. Thanks to the flat base that the patio surface creates, it makes it easier to install the BBQ equipment and clean after the party. Moreover, your guests will stay cool and undisturbed throughout your party.


Adding Fire To Your Backyard Living Space

Have you ever sat outside on a fantastic evening in your backyard and wished you could stay, but left because it was too cold to enjoy? Then, imagine this; right in the backyard, there is a firepit with a burning flame, you are sitting next to it, you can feel the warmth. A firepit or fireplace is easily one of the best gifts you can give your family, and they can benefit so much from it. Not only does a firepit provide warmth after the sun has set in the daytime, but it can also change the aesthetics of your home and give your garden a great warm light.


Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces With A Water Feature

A water feature promotes relaxation and turns your yard into an outdoor sanctuary. Wildlife sightings, soothing sounds, and scenic beauty are just a few benefits from having a backyard water feature. Water features come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can be as small as a container pond on a deck or as large as a constructed water garden with waterfalls and fountains. Plant trees, flowering plants, and ferns around your pond to create a sense of natural beauty.


Advantages Of Adding An Outdoor Kitchen To Your Plan

Outdoor kitchens are popping up across backyards everywhere. They offer a convenient solution for outdoor entertainment that is as effective as it is stylish. The point of an outdoor kitchen is to bring the comforts of home outside. This means creating a dedicated outdoor space for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing. An outdoor kitchen offers more than a typical picnic table and grill set up, providing all the essential “ingredients” for cooking and dining outdoors. The convenience of outdoor cooking is ideal for those who love to entertain, plus with many design possibilities, outdoor kitchens are a perfect way to bring your personal style outdoors!


You Will Want Some Landscape Lighting

You can use landscape lighting to expand your space, heighten curb appeal, increase your property’s value, highlight the best of your exterior, and increase safety. They can also help deter criminals because you and your neighbors can see your property more easily at night. Path lights brighten the way, driveway lights help people stay off of your grass, front door lights keep guests from standing in the dark, spotlights highlight special plants or trees.

According to an online survey conducted by Harris Poll for Trulia, Americans are less modest when it comes to the amenities that they desire in their dream home. Features people want in their dream home include a balcony with a view (45%), outdoor kitchen (47%), vegetable garden (40%), beautiful landscaping (38%), and swimming pool (38%). Most people want a mid-sized, modern home in the suburbs with a backyard deck (59%). Americans are pretty realistic and practical when it comes to what they want in their dream home.

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