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Colder temperatures might be upon us but that does not mean that your outdoor projects have to come to a halt. In fact, this is a great time of year to tackle those so that your outdoor living space is ready by spring. Installing a patio in your yard is exciting! It will not only make the exterior of your home more beautiful and enjoyable, but it can also increase the value of your home. One of the biggest decisions you will make when choosing to add a patio is to decide which materials are most suitable for your lifestyle and intended use of space. 

Flagstone: Nature’s Most Durable Patio

Flagstone is a flat paving stone — a sedimentary rock that has been bound together by minerals and thousands of years of compression. You might think that flagstone can only be used in its natural form, however that is not true. Flagstone can be cut and shaped in multiple ways to create that custom look you are hoping for. 

Flagstone can include bluestone, limestone, sandstone, slate, and travertine.  These natural stones are a popular choice for landscape design as they are durable, offer a natural stone look, and come in an assortment of rich, earthy colors. Choose irregular shapes that look straight from Earth or have them cut into rectangles or squares for a cleaner look. Either way, you can’t go wrong. 

Flagstone is sure to last a lifetime. Installation expenses for flagstone are more expensive as it takes more work to get the materials positioned and installed perfectly but we think it is well worth the additional fees given its durability and lifespan. 

Pavers: Versatility To Meet Your Design Needs

Manufactured concrete pavers are more affordable compared to natural stones and for that reason alone, many homeowners choose pavers. Pavers come pre-sized, ready-to-place, and are less labor-intensive to install as cutting is minimized. 

You are able to get that true custom look you want as pavers come in a plethora of shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. You can create a unique look in your outdoor living space simply by the way you choose to have the pavers positioned. 

Patio pavers are durable and will last a long time. They are resistant to frost, erosion, cracking, and daily wear and tear. For most, pavers typically last 50 years with proper maintenance, cleaning, and routine resealing. As with all manufactured products, quality varies so it is important that you choose a reputable brand known for producing good, durable pavers. We have worked with different manufacturers over the years and can help you choose the best one for your project. 

Compared to flagstone, concrete pavers do not get as hot in the summer making them a great option for around your pool and in areas where your pets will walk. 

Making the Best Decision for Your Space

Manufactured pavers and natural flagstone pavers are both great options. Each is made of quality materials and will be suitable for your hardscaping project. And you can’t wrong with the look of either! Ultimately, it comes down to your budget, vision, and intended use of space. 

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