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There is something about a well-designed and maintained front lawn that is just inviting. Sure, putting down a couple pavers and planting a few flowers is easy, but those features can only do so much when it comes to improving the aesthetics of your yard. If you want to do more but need some ideas to get you started, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of options that can really make a difference. Here are a few that we think you will like…

Install a Welcoming Pathway

A big yard filled with green and luscious grass is easy on the eyes, however they typically leave visitors questioning how they should enter your home. A large, thought out pathway will create a clear vision for visitors, leading them right up to your front door while making them feel welcomed. A well-sculpted pathway will make it easy for guests to walk up to your front door, even during unpleasant weather conditions. Line your pathway with plants and/or lights to make it stand out even more.

Add a Water Feature

You can spruce up your front yard by adding a water feature. Whether it be a fountain, koi pond, or something else, water features really add that extra “wow” to your lawn. Maybe it’s the sound of nature right outside your front door or watching the wildlife as they visit your yard. Whatever it is, water features add that special element that is sure to be noticed by visitors and those just passing by.

Plant a Front Garden

We often feel like gardens are more of a backyard rendezvous, but if your front yard does not have much space, one easy fill option is to turn it into a warm and inviting garden complete with walkways and benches for seating. Not only will this make the area more beautiful but it also adds functionality to a spot that would otherwise be wasted.

Divide Front Yard Into Sections

One fun way you can transform your front yard from boring to appealing is by dividing it into sections that fit together, almost like a puzzle. Each piece serves as its own section with differentiated heights, planting, borders, and seating options that all flow together and draw any visitor’s eye right up to your front porch.

These suggestions are just a few creative ways that you can implement to create an inviting front yard. If you want more design ideas customized to your space, our team would love to help. We want your yard to be the one that really stands out!

Davis Landscape can help you achieve the landscaping you dream about! We also help our clients with hardscapes such as retaining walls, patios, walkways, driveways, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, & more!

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