There is sometimes no better way to dress of your landscaping then with a natural stone path that leads your guest to and from certain areas of your house, patio, pool, and other areas. The following are some of the steps a professional landscaper will follow to create a stone path in your yard…

  • Define the Path – Landscapers use a hose or rope to layout the shape they want for the path. They will make the path at least 3 foot wide.
  • Cut in the Path – Landscapers use a flat shovel or an edger to cut away grass and roots where they want to lay the path.
  • Dig – They will dig down about 4 inches and remove the dirt from the path they have laid out. When they run into large roots, they use loppers to cut them away.
  • Edge – They will install edging on each side of the walkway. Landscapers will use something like 2×4 piece of lumber along the edging to keep the path the width they want.
  • Lay Fabric – They will cover the bottom of the walkway with some kind of filter fabric
  • Lay Pea Stone – Most will lay a 4 inch layer of pea stone over the fabric and rake it smooth
  • Lay Large Stones – Then the stone will be laid into the pea stone. Press it into the pea stone and use a rubber mallet to set it.

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