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So you think that you want some new landscaping, huh? Please don’t rush out and buy plants only to realize later that they won’t do well or look very good in your specific yard. You need a plan to create a comprehensive design that will allow your landscaping to thrive. We highly suggest you use a professional landscaper to help you design and implement your landscaping plan, but either way, you will want to consider the following landscaping design tips before you start…

Know Your Yard Before You Start

You will need to know what plants and features will do best in your climate. What is the topography of your yard and how will you prevent erosion? What drainage will you need? Also, what kind of sun does your yard receive? Does your yard get full sun, partial shade, shade, or deep shade? You will want to know when picking out your plants.

How Will Your Yard and Landscaping Be Used

Will children be using the yard or just adults? What about pets? Are you going to entertain outdoors? The types of landscaping you use will depend on how you want to use your space. What walkways will you want and where do you want to guide the traffic? What hardscapes should you have? Do you want benches, food prep areas, lounging areas, etc.? What kind of maintenance do you want to keep up with? How much time do you have to maintain your new landscaping? If not much time will be available for maintenance, then you will want landscaping with low maintenance materials.

What Theme Are You After?

Should your theme be about certain shapes or should it be about relaxation? Maybe you like Oriental gardens.You will want to play off your homes architecture in some way. Use the lines of your home to make your landscaping and yard feel like a natural extension of your home. Are you a less is more person? Then maybe you would like some softer lines in your design. Maybe color is your thing! These are the types of questions to ask your self to get them most out of your design.

Make Sure to Link Your Landscaping Spaces

Think of your landscaping as another room of your home. Maybe your landscaping will be a group of outdoor spaces, each with a slightly different use or feel. Make sure not to leave any of your spaces stranded and on their own. Create openings and encourage visitors to explore all the spaces of your landscaping.

Have Your Plants Work for YOU!

Plants can provide fruit, vegetables, beauty, color, aromas, and more. You can also use plants as sight barriers or implied barriers to prevent further exploration. Plants can affect the amount of light and heat in a given area. Plants can insulate you from unattractive noises and visuals.

Important Points Should Be Highlighted

Use plants, structures, and ornaments to highlight particular areas of your landscaping. You can contrast shapes, textures, sizes, and colors to direct attention to a specific section of your landscaping. Little details can take your landscaping to the next level.

What Will Your Landscaping Look Like in the Future?

When you select your plants, make sure to think about how they will grow in the future. You will need to give your plants enough room to reach their mature sizes.

What Kind of Resources Will You Need to Maintain Your Landscaping?

Choose resource-efficient plants and hardscapes that can handle your environment to prevent unwanted continual and future maintenance. Select plants that require less water, fertilizers, and pesticides. Maybe install a rainwater catchment system to provide you with a sustainable source of irrigation water.

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