Retaining walls look great and prevent soil erosion at the same time. Retaining walls are great for flowerbeds and gardens and provide some texture to your landscape design. There are basically 4 types of retaining walls and the following is an explanation of each type of retaining wall…

Gravity Retaining Wall

This is the most basic of all retaining walls because they use their weight and mass to hold back soil. Gravity retaining walls are made with bricks, pavers, unmortared stone, dry stack stone, and more. Trenches are laid and sometimes a concrete footer is made to hold the the wall in place, depending on how much earth needs to be held back by the wall.

Cantilevered Retaining Wall

This is a reinforced retaining wall that uses steel bars though the concrete to give it more strength. A slab created and laid under the soil and the retaining wall is fixed to the slab. The soil holds the slab down and keeps the wall from falling forward. Many commercial retaining walls are built this way. These walls can also be built in a counter-fort or buttressed style to give them even more strength.

Sheet Piling Retaining Wall

When space is an issue and the soil is soft, a sheet pile retaining wall made of steel, wood, or vinyl is driven directly into the soil. Most sheet piling retaining walls are built with corrugated materials and they need to be driven at least 1/3 of the way into the ground to hold back the soil and larger sheet piling walls will need to be anchored.

Anchored Retaining Wall

Anchored retaining wall are anchored from the front of the wall to cables and strips that hold then in place. Later pressurized concrete is forced in to make them even more strong.

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