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Whether you are a die-hard entertainer, or just want to create your own little private patio oasis, here are some patio and outdoor living update ideas will help you create the perfect outdoor space that you will want to enjoy all summer long! If you are looking for a little shade when the heat comes, you may want to think about some patio cover.


Pergolas have been around for centuries, and their early roots can be traced back to Latin times. Originally, they were used for walkways and garden-types of uses, like growing grapes and vines. A pergola is a backyard feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area with vertical posts or pillars that usually support a roof-type structure of crossbeams and a sturdy open framework. Pergolas provide shade and visual interest on patios. They are great to dine under and light up once the sun sets. They are most beautiful with plants and flowers vining up the trellises!

Louvered Patio Cover

Unlike traditional covers, a louvered patio cover is motorized and uses an app to control the patio cover settings through your phone. The roof’s framing structure uses blinds or shutters with angled horizontal slats to regulate air and light while blocking out rain and direct sunshine. Not only do motorized louvered patio covers improve the quality of time you spend outdoors, but they also increase the amount of time you can enjoy the beautiful weather as it protects you from harmful sun and weather conditions. A louvered roof system will bring numerous benefits to your home, family, and lifestyle.

Consider Your Home’s Design

You want to choose a patio cover that complements the appearance of your home. The wrong cover can be an eyesore that detracts from the value of your home while the right cover will be inviting and make people want to spend time in your backyard.

Any style of patio cover will offer you the following benefits:

  • Create a space to have more enjoyment while outdoors
  • Adds tremendous value to your home
  • Protect your expensive outdoor seating furniture
  • Extend your seasons throughout the year
  • Live healthier by blocking harmful UV light
  • Stay dry and sheltered in almost any weather condition
  • The ability to spend more time outdoors

Each Hardscape Feature Adds Beauty, Style, And Value To Your Landscape

Make sure your hardscape feels and looks like it was a part of the landscape from the beginning, not an add-on. Your hardscape project will be built out of stone, cement, wood, or tile.  Those materials have had a rigid makeup. To make them feel natural, avoid hard 90-degree corners, straight lines, or bulky designs.

Think About Drainage

Backyard drainage design is essential and not something to ever overlook; so, make the right choice. Your new hardscaping will be taking away grass and soil which soak up rain. Without a proper drainage plan, the new hardscape area will collect water causing damage.

Working Hardscapes Into Your Landscape Design

Your hardscape area needs to serve a purpose. Add a patio with outdoor furniture. Patios offer delightful places for entertaining, getting lost in the company of a good book, and memorable family-together time. Not only will a patio increase your outdoor living space, but it also increases the value of your home. Decks offer the same wonderful opportunities for enjoying your outdoor space as patios do, but higher up. They provide vantage points from which to appreciate your landscape. When adding a deck, it’s best to consider the style of your house so that the addition either blends in with or complements your home. Fire features are one of the most common trends in outdoor living today. They offer a warm—both literal and figurative—place for friends and families to gather. They help create a mood for outdoor living, a mood that can be energized, relaxing, or romantic. Fireplaces are the ideal option if you plan to entertain smaller groups of people or if you are looking for a strong statement piece for your patio. Fire pits, generally the less expensive fire feature, are ideal for more casual entertaining, particularly of larger crowds.

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