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Many properties have a sloping terrain that feel intimidating to landscape but with planning there are options.  We would like to share a few tips on landscaping design for a sloped backyard or front yard.

Making A Decision: Are You Looking For Ambiance Or Functionality?

Before you make a decision about how to landscape a hilly property, you need to know your goal.  Are you looking to gain more usable space or do you simply want it to be visually appealing.  Your budget may decide this decision for you — it is a good idea to contact a professional landscaper to give you some estimates for both.

Using Steps As A Focal Point

If you want a sloped backyard with a garden, a terraced slope with stone retaining walls and steps is the best way to go. The steps can complement the plantings and help anchor your design.  There are  so many step options available. The most common include wooden steps, pavers, real stone, and even timber and pea gravel stairs. Using steps in different outdoor spaces in your yard is a great option.

Plant A Shrub Garden

You can put together a beautiful backyard landscaping by placing shrubs on the hill. Shrubs are perennials with deep root systems and thick foliage that can thrive in challenging conditions.

Tiers, The Perfect Solution For A Sloped Yard

A deeply sloping yard can definitely be a challenge. Problems such as pooling water, difficulty mowing, and the inability to use the yard as a ‘family friendly’ space can be frustrating to homeowners. But don’t give up, there is an easy solution, tiers! Well-designed tiers not only create a beautiful yard but can also solve drainage and other issues such as a lack of outdoor living area. A multi-level design can also give you more seating areas when they are incorporated with a wall.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls do not only hold the soil but also stabilize steep slopes. Furthermore, some let homeowners create usable spaces, while others allow raised garden beds. The retaining wall performs a vital purpose in preventing soil erosion and effectively holding back earth on sloped landscapes.

More Useable Space

If your goal is to have more usable space, grading might be the only option.  Be sure to address the drainage issues as oftentimes, grading requires an installation of a retaining wall. Leveling an entire backyard to flatten a slope costs $1,000 to $5,000.

You Can Turn A Slope Into A Beautiful Water Feature

Having a sloped yard makes it easy to create a whole series of water features, including waterfalls, streams and ponds. That also means plenty of opportunities for beautiful planting, unique rock work, and intimate seating areas to enjoy the sound of running water. A sloped terrain works well with the natural flow of water.

Using A Combination Of Options For Your Sloping Terrain

Landscaping a hilly or sloping area in your yard requires a different approach than the norm. Depending on your property, your landscape design could possibly incorporate several of the above options.  Portions of the yard could be graded to allow more usable space while others could be tiered or staired depending on your personal terrain.

With the right professional consultant, you can have a beautiful usable yard that will increase the value of your home.

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